About Me


One thing everybody has in common no mater what race, religion, age or gender, we all need to eat, so it might as well taste amazing. Food can make you happy when you’re feeling down, it can make you warm when you’re feeling cold. Throughout history food has brought people together, it can evoke memories of childhood, of places travelled, of people met and of friends made.

Hi I’m James, anyone who knows me will tell you I love to eat. Sweet or savoury I’m not fussy. I like to try and eat healthy but I’m not afraid to indulge now and again.

My blog is my way of sharing my love of food. I’m not going to preach about healthy eating or try to force people to eat the latest super-food . It’s just my way of showing everyone what I like to eat and hopefully it will inspire others to have a go at cooking too, even if its just scrambled eggs.