The best Pulled Pork you will ever eat


I’m back! I know it’s been a while. It’s been a busy few months for me since last time I posted, a few ups and downs and things that took precedence over dedicating time to my blog, but I’m back and full of ideas and inspiration.

The best pulled pork you will ever eat, that’s a bold statement I can hear you say. It’s not one I make lightly. I have had plenty of feedback that proves it. Numerous times I’ve had requests for this recipe, and it’s one that I’ve been holding back for a special occasion. To celebrate my return I thought I’d bring out the big guns. Continue reading “The best Pulled Pork you will ever eat”

Dreaming of Barcelona


This recent spate of horrible weather has me reminiscing about my trip to Barcelona from earlier in the year. While it may not have been “crackin’ the flags “ as we say up north, it was definitely warmer than it is at the moment. Rain or shine Barcelona is a wonderful city, with its mix of winding gothic back streets and architecture blended with modern large open pedestrianised spaces, it is truly beautiful. And If you’re a fan of shopping this place is mecca. For more info on that you may want to check out my partners blog here.

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Yorkshire pudding


So it’s finally here, my first post! One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to get my blog up and running was that I couldn’t decide what to write about first. It had to be about something that meant something to me and as a proud Yorkshireman there was only one real option, the mighty Yorkshire Pudding.

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